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  • Access to tried and tested recipe archive   
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How to enjoy Bake Club

Great value membership plans

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    Pay £4.99 every month

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    Pay £19.99 every 6 months

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    Pay £34.99 every 12 months

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Here are the most frequently asked questions about bake club.

  • Q: How does the Bake Club membership work? A: Either sign up to receive The Bake Box or take up one of the membership plans above. You can then start your membership and continue to enjoy all the benefits of the Bake Club.
  • Q: What are the membership offers? A: You can pay monthly at £4.99 per month, buy a 6 month subscription for £19.99 (which works out at £3.33 per month) or buy an annual subscription for £34.99 (which works out at only £2.92 per month). Alternatively, if you sign up to receive The Bake Box you will be given free membership to Bake Club.
  • Q: How do I buy the bakeware I’ve seen on the Bake Club site? A: Please visit our Bake Club shop here:
  • Q: How long does the Bake Club discount apply to the bakeware shown on the site? A: For as long as you are a member of Bake Club!
  • Q: How do I submit a video for your vlog? A: Please upload it to YouTube and send us the ‘share’ link to:
  • Q: How will I know if I’ve won the competition? A: We will email you direct on the day specified in the Competition Rules, so check your Inbox!
  • Q: Looking for information on the Baked & Delicious partwork? A: Click here!
  • Q: How do I cancel my subscription? A: Please contact us at and we will organise this for you.